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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

If cats can talk

If cats can talk, I bet the first thing they'll tell the human is "stop meowing at us, your meows don't mean a thing! We only meow because we can't form words".

I don't know how many people believe this but I'm confident to say most pet owners will share the believe that their pets can talk and understand what is being said to them. Otherwise how do you explain the rigorous training sessions of "Sit!", "Jump!", "Fetch!" and a whole string of other tricks?

You may think I'm crazy or simply trying too hard to understand my cats, but each time they meow I could almost hear a translation of those meows into words in my head. So am I just imagining it because I'm desperate to know what they're talking about? Perhaps.

Most times I talk to them out loud and they either just stare or meow back. I wonder if we're even on the same topic although I could go on and on imagining them responding to what I said. As crazy as that may sound to lots of people out there, it makes me happy. Whether it's illusional or not, hey at least I'm not reported to some mental institution!


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