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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

When they cuddle and snuggle

Nothing feels warmer than to see your furballs cuddled together in a corner and grooming each other. The paws tangled on each other, sometimes kneading each other like how they used to knead their mom as kittens, the sound of their purring, are never enough for me. If only I had a video camera and capture those moments. Photographs don't do these moments enough justice.

They have their fair share of cat fights and battles of hisses and teeth-bearing episodes too. Those are amusing to watch but I never get near. Let's face it, I don't have claws and teeth as sharp as theirs and therefore I am not a close match at all. So staying out of the way and see who emerges the winner is a better option.

One of the more amusing fights I've witnessed is of Phoebe using her "dirty" fighting style. She inches close to her "opponent" bit by bit, cautiously and all of a sudden sits on the opponent's head! Needless to say, she gets a lot of hisses and paw scramblings. If cats could smile, I swear that you would see her grinning.

Anyway, even after all those dirty tactics, hissing, chasing and paw-clobbering, I'm glad they could still find moments to hug each other and lick away the blues. As much as I would love to know how that feels like, I think my skin would give way after a few minutes of their tongues on me. So I stick to cuddling up to them (amidst questioning looks from them) and listen in on those purrs.


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