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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Emergency cash

It's amazing how prices have crept up on just about anything! Cat food prices have been going up steadily for a while now and there aren't many alternatives I can turn to. My three little furries only like that one particular brand, so I gotta stick with it even when they have become more expensive.

I've also been sending them for boarding a lot lately due to my travels. The cost of it makes me shudder but we have no one else to help take care of them while we're away. Travelling is already an expensive affair, their boarding actually adds to the expenses!

I've heard of payday loans and thought it may be a good way to help bridge my finances. It's a fast way to get some cash and it's also very convenient and secure through the internet. I like the fact that I can apply for a small amount which is what I need, so that I am not tempted to spend all the extras!