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Monday, January 21, 2008

Where's my Pretty gone?

A couple of months back, we had to give Pretty up to another family who had more time for her. We had our hands full with the arrival of our first baby and as a result, we couldn't give Pretty the time and attention she rightfully deserves. So when a family of dog lovers wanted to take her home, we were glad for her.

A few weeks after she left us, we turned up at her new home unannounced, giving her a surprise visit. She recognised us still and came running to greet us. She still remembered the little tricks she was taught and she seemed delighted to see us. We were very happy too to see that she was well taken care of.

But a few more weeks later, the family called up to ask if anyone else wanted to take Pretty as they couldn't cope. We didn't have anymore good candidates and thought of asking friends to see if they knew of any dog lovers in search for canine company. Before we could get around to it, the family called to say it was all settled, that they had given Pretty to a relative.

I was quite upset with that because we don't even know how Pretty will be treated. Of course they assured us that the relative is a dog lover and will take good care of Pretty but I just didn't feel comfortable. The last we heard, Pretty had been neutered. We wanted to visit but thought she might be too weak and needed rest. So we decided not to excite her too much with our presence in a time when she needs to recuperate and rest.

I still think of her often and wonder how she is. I miss her and hope to see her again soon. I hope my prayer will be answered and that Pretty has found a loving home.


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