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Monday, July 25, 2005

The one where they hid and hissed

The day after their baths, the furballs were driven to the vet for their annual vaccination. There were meows of protests coming from Prue as she was carried into the voyager. On the way to the vet, Piper meowed all the way while the other two remained quiet and probably all cuddled up.

When we got there Piper was still meowing and the other two tried to squeeze as far back into the voyager as possible. It was quite a funny scenario. If they could make themselves smaller, I think they would, just for the sake of hiding themselves to be saved from the unpleasantness of being at the vet's. You can hardly see Phoebe as she tried to hide as much of herself as she possibly can.

The consultation with each of them started with the weighing and then taking of temperature. The furballs have put on weight since the last time they were there. Each of them weigh no less than 4kgs and according to the vet, they're slightly above average and if I keep feeding them accessive food, they will qualify as obese cats! I thought they were heavy but it never crossed my mind they were overweight. Oh well, no more suppers I guess.

After the vaccination, they haven't been eating. Lots of food left over on their dishes and they are quiet and sit with half closed eyes in their own corners. The vet says it's normal and could last for 2 days. So give them another day and they would have the energy to snub me for sending them to the vet.


Anonymous mozart said...

hanging on for their dear life... you can see from the pic the fear in their eyes...

somehow... I think you enjoy bringing some drama into their lives... whahaha

Wed Jul 27, 10:47:00 AM  

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