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Monday, July 25, 2005

The one with the baths

The furballs finally got their baths. The rainy weeks didn't give me much chance to soak them even though it's warm water running through their bodies. The last weekend however was pretty warm and nice so it made perfect time for a bath.

The baths were responded with long loud meows throughout the "ordeal", especially for Phoebe. The other two meowed at times but were easily soothed with kisses on the noses and by softly talking to them.

It took an hour to finish off the baths and a couple more to let them dry out. As usual the "escape from the hairdryer" routine worked perfectly for them as they struggled and wiggled until they could feel the loosening of the grip and dashed off somewhere to hide.

For dinner that night they had steamed chicken. Needless to say, all that "ordeal" was long forgotten and we were good again. :)

The freshly steamed chicken fillets.


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