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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This is where it all started

I used to dislike cats. In my 2nd year at uni, I rented a room and stayed with the landlady. She had 2 huge cats. There were times when she would open my room door to let her cats in (her reason was that before I moved in, her cats used to hang out there. Crap!). Once there, they disrupted my stuff - dropped my speakers, my little crystal pieces sprawled all over the floor and slept on my bed.

My landlady even started feeding them the milk I bought for myself, and sometimes the meat I stocked up in the fridge. Yes, I was the unwilling cat provider and she didn't care that I disapproved of her "stealing" my stuff for her cats.

That changed about a year after when I moved out. I got to know DK and he has the most adorable cat. I started to get acquianted with the handsome little thing. Soon, he got as attached to me as I did with him. He was the sweetest thing ever. He kept me company in times of loneliness. That was when I fell in love in the feline world.

He's the reason I have 3 of my own now.

Here's a picture galore dedicated to the handsome fella, BC.

Ain't I handsome?

BC basking in the sunlight from my bedroom window.

A portrait of BC.

I don't get to see BC anymore but I will always remember him as the first cat-love of my life.


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