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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Flopper cat

Two nights ago Prue came up to me and meowed for attention. Sitting cross legged on the floor, I rubbed her back and tummy while she stood in front of my legs. I was watching TV and giving her a back rub at the same time. Then I felt a thud on my feet and the warmth of the soft fur. She flopped on my lap and had her legs wide apart, accompanied by loud purring. She closed her eyes and laid there while I continue to scratch her. In another corner I saw Phoebe eyeing us, also laying on her back with all 4 legs pointing at the ceiling. Piper was busy cleaning herself in the center of the room.

Last night I walked in on them while Prue and Phoebe were cuddled together and Piper fast asleep. Prue was kneading Phoebe in the stomach while Phoebe had her paw stretched out on Prue's neck, trying to create some distance I'm guessing. I've seen them do this a few times and I never get enough of it. I stood there for a long time gazing at them...feels like my eternity. :)


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