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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hungry kittie

When I got home yesterday, I didn't feed the neighbour's cat. Instead, I hurried inside to feed my furballs because I was late compared to usual. After doing my slavery acts of feeding and cleaning up their poo box, I was in the living room. Then I heard my neighbour's cat meowing. I opened the door and she was pacing up and down the porch meowing, probably for food.

So I filled up her dish with food. She was so hungry that she kept poking her head into the dish that I held in my hands while filling it with biscuits. I moved further so that I could finish filling it. She pawed my hand to pull the dish back into her face! She must have been real hungry.

I set it down for her and she was chomping away at the speed of lighting. Poor hungry kittie!


Anonymous Tashya said...

Hi Eternity, love reading about your cat escapades! I just wanted to know if it's alright to keep a neighbour's cat indoors with me for a long time? This particular cat once jumped in through a bedroom window and had a good snoop around the house. Now she keeps wanting to come inside and is quite vocal about it! I usually let her in, but make her leave in about half an hour as I'm worried her owner might be looking for her. My partner doesn't like it because he thinks if 'something happens' to the cat, her owner would most likely blame me. I just wanted to know from you, since you have quite a bit of experience, if my behaviour with the cat is appropriate. I live in London by the way. Thanks! And keep writing!

Tue Dec 19, 06:27:00 PM  

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