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Thursday, August 25, 2005

My neighbour's cat is now "my" cat

My neighbour's cat now "lives" in my place. It started off plain and simple, but when one thing led to another...things got out of hand.

I have this shoe cabinet fixed to the high wall separating my neighbour and I. It's not a full wall, measuring up only to my shoulder level. My neighbour has a few cats of her own and they are free to roam the streets and for that matter, anyone's homes since nothing is inaccessible to cats. So this particular one loves climbing over and plonking herself on top of my shoe cabinet. It makes a nice spot for her, shaded from the sun and large enough for her to lie on.

She's grown comfortable seeing people walk in and out of my home and not even afraid that the car coming into the porch will ram her down when she's sitting smack in the middle of it. A lot of times someone will need to get down the car and shoo her back on the cabinet.

We got used to her and thought she's a pretty cat although just a stray. My mom started taking small portions of my furballs' biscuits and giving some to her. Then, I placed an extra cat dish out for her and from then on she got frequent meals at our place. Once I scratched her chin and sides of her face and she was purring so loud. Since that one touch, she kept asking for more. Now whenever she sees me, she meows. I don't know if she's asking for food or for scratches. Perhaps both. She even follows me about when I go round in the garden watering plants.

Now, my mom is talking about taking her out for a bath! She said maybe she'll ask our neighbour's permission. She does already act like she lives with us; she sleeps, eat and even poo in my garden!


Anonymous mozart said...

whahaha... must it be another female...!!?? Its turning into a cat convent...

Thu Aug 25, 06:56:00 PM  
Blogger Eternity said...

yeah, soon it'll be an associate of spca, but only for female cats??!!

Fri Aug 26, 09:21:00 AM  

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