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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Holding A Baby Cat

There is so much satisfaction in bringing up cats - at least for cat lovers. I first touched a newborn, few days old cat in my hands when Prue gave birth to her litter of 7. Sadly, 3 didn't make it. Of the 4, I took only one in my care and she's grown up to be a beautiful and fluffy cat. I was nervous when I first picked her up, afraid that I'll hurt her small and fragile body. Prue was also very protective of her and eyed me all the time while I carried her baby. There were times when she would reach out her paw to pull my hands close to her so that she can see for herself that her baby is safe is my arms. I don't know if I felt more contented holding the baby or seeing my Prue being so concerned for her baby.

The babies climbed all over Prue and she was so tolerant, literally letting them crawl up her head. I could tell she was uncomfortable but she remained a good natured mother nursing and caring for her little ones. She would lick their bodies to clean them and stay curled up in a small space so that she could be there whenever her babies wanted milk.

It was fun watching the then blind kittens wobbling on their weak feet and falling on each other. If I hadn't known better, I would have mistaken them for the "4 blind mice". Pictured here are the properly propped up blind kitties. A flash camera was not gonna hurt them!

As you enjoy each passing day watching them grow, you get a feeling that time passes too quickly and they would have grown so much bigger in just a matter of weeks. Of course by this time they're a bunch of mischievious kittens chasing and jumping on each other.

As they get older, they seem to be a lot less active and their favourite activitiy is sleep. This too I find enjoyable. They have more sleep positions than a human - and humanly impossible ones too. They twitch in their sleep a lot more vigorously too. Probably dreaming of catfights.

Now that my furballs are adult cats, I watch them do only a few things - sleep, sit around staring into space, grooming, using the poo box and leaning on each other. They get vocal only when they're hungry, want attention because they're bored, see birds or insects but can't catch them and protesting about baths, going to vet or boarding.

Who says cats do nothing?


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