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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Nearly a barbequed cat

One evening after a sumptuous meal at home, we decided to go walk about at the pasar malam. The pot of soup was too large to put into the fridge so we decided to heat it up and leave it overnight. That way it won't go bad the next day without being in the fridge.

So the stove was turned on while I did the dishes. When all done, we just conveniently got into the car and drove off. We came home about an hour later. The moment I pushed open the door, I was assaulted by the smell of something burning. It was then that I realised we had totally forgotten about the heating pot of soup!

I rushed into the kitchen and turned off the stove. We didn't touch the pot at all. I could hear the hissing sound from the pot and the smoke filling up the kitchen. Now not only do I have to bear the hazy rooms, the burnt and choking smell, I also had to bear with loud meows coming from Piper.

Her eyes were wide and her meows were ferocious. She sounded like she was scolding me for forgetting and nearly having barbequed cats if I didn't come home in time. She went on for a while and despite my attempts to calm her and to get her to stop meowing, she went on and on until she was satisfied that I had an earful.

When the smoke cleared out and the smell was almost gone (or we got immuned it?), she was a lot calmer and had forgiven me. The rest of the night she was just a silent, thankful cat. Phew, what a close call!


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