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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rain scares my babies

Mom sms-ed me while I'm at work now, she says the babies are meowing their little stressed out heads off because it's pouring.

Piper was especially scared and her meows are loudest. I've heard them whenever I'm home and it's raining. It breaks my heart. I hold her close and I hear her purring, but I'm not sure if she's feeling contented or nervous. Though she's purring, her eyes are wide with fear and uncertainty. So I guess they're more of purrs of nervousness.

Prue just stays cuddled up somewhere, preferable somewhere to hide under. She meows once in a while but is mostly alert and watching the surroundings. The movements of her ears sharpen with each strike of the thunder.

Phoebe, surprisingly, is the calmest of them all. She'll hide but she doesn't look as distressed as the others and she does not meow even a bit. Sometimes she goes to Prue and stays close to her. I think it's more for her own comfort than to give Prue comfort.

Anyway, as I'm thankful for the rain because of the dryness we are going through now, my poor babies are praying it'll go away.


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