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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Smorty sounds good?

The first time I heard the name Smorty, I thought it sounded very cute. If I get another pet, I would consider the name Smorty!
But on a serious note, no, Smorty isn't a name of any pets I've known. It's a service that connects bloggers like me to advertisers who want their products and services reviewed. It's a great way to advertise on blogs these days. Approved users of Smorty are given varied opportunities and it's completely up to bloggers whether or not to accept the topics to be written on.
Whilst advertisers find a great avenue in advertising, bloggers too have a great way of making a little extra money. The more popular your blog, the higher paid you can be. I'm hooked on Smorty right now. If you want to try out blogging for money, I highly recommend you to check Smorty out. Go and see it for yourself!