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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A day in the life of a busy cat

I'm a celebrity cat, starring in mostly action movies and TV series. Here's a typical day for me.

6.00a.m. : I start with an early morning. They say the early bird catches the worm.

6.01a.m. :The first thing I do is to groom myself for the day ahead.

8.00a.m. :I get to the set and begin shooting for the next epsiode of "Lost". And you thought only that Dog gets to star in it? I got myself a role in Season Two!

12.30p.m. : Come lunch hour, I take some time to snooze next to a good buddy.

1.45p.m. : Whenever they wake me up for the next shoot, I'm always very moody.

3.55p.p. : I'm in the midst of filming a new thriller movie.

6.30p.m. : Finally the shots are over for the day and I go for a dip to relax.

9.00p.m : I'm home reading some good books. This is my favourite quote from a cat book.

And then, I dose off...zzzzz......

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Love is...

This post is inspired by my interest in a sweet comic called "Love Is...".

Captured here are some precious love moments.


Love is...when two hearts become one.

Love is...staying by each other's side all the time.

Love is...sharing a hot tub together.

Love is...letting the other snuggle up for warmth.

Love is...sharing the same vision of togetherness.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A cat's diary

"When I was borned, I was the clear favourite to my mom"

"One day, mom saw me bored and brooding..."

"so she decided to take me shopping, in her bag"

"She bought me a dollie so that I won't be lonely"

"You see, mom knows I don't like to sleep alone"

"I would rather be with my brothers and sisters, but they sometimes run off without me..."

" I hang out with my friends, who are all very different from me"

"Why, even my best friend is different from me. She has a sharp nose that hurts mine but I love her anyway"

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cats do what we do too

1. We like to hide under covers to keep warm. So do cats.

2. We drink from our pint glasses. Who says they can't? Except they don't do it that well.

3. We can be gardeners and cats can have green paws too.

4. Some of us are couch potatoes. What makes you think some cats aren't?

5. Guys like models in bikinis and lingerie, well there are "guy" cats too.

6. We are affectionate and show our affections with hugs and kisses. Cats are loving too.