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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A golfer's paradise

My better half was quite hooked on golf at one point. He diligently visited the driving range to get in some swings as practise since he's just a beginner. Soon, he got better with the help of a professional golfer and has since started teeing off at the greens.

Recently he came home all excited. He sat me down and showed me the "gem" he had found that day, A Social Network for Golfers! He explained what seemed like alien information to me, but I tried anyway to digest the information seeing that it made him so thrilled. It must be something great for him to be so fired up.

This site is a place for golfers to meet online. Besides connecting with other golfers online, you can also search for golf courses, post your games' scores, learn more about guides on the greens, etc. You can even post photos and write blog entries.

No wonder he was so excited. He has been trying to convince his non-golfer friends to pick up the sport so that he has more company to golf with. That night, after showing me this new-found website, he proceeded to get his few golfer friends as well as non-golfers to visit and sign up for it. Talk about being efficient!