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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Update about the cats and dog of my life

The cats

Two days ago I noticed Prue wasn't eating and was hardly active. She was warm to the touch and I immediately thought she might be running a fever. I didn't bring her to the vet, just observed her for a bit. Then, Phoebe too was feeling warm and that's when I bundled them into the car and off to the vet.

It turns out that they were both running very high temperature and have some viral infections. My poor girls! They had blood test done on them and was injected to bring down their temperature. We walked out of the vet clinic armed with some fever medication and some antibiotics.

When I got home, I realised that Piper has suddenly become inactive too! I touched her and to my horror, she too was warm to the touch. I kicked myself in the foot for not bringing her to the vet to have her checked too.

After feeding them all with medication, I decided to go on the web and do a search to find ways to help them get better faster. I stumbled upon a site that offers lots of cat information, from health to cat breeds and breeders to resources like cat magazines and even a cat community! Just what I need right now to find like-minded people who can share some ideas and stories with me about my cats' situation right now.

I surfed the site for almost an hour reading up on whatever I could about cat health and then I moved on to read about Siamese Cats. A friend had recently asked for help to find him Siamese Cats for sale.

He loves this breed because they are beautiful, have long limbs and very domesticated with a really friendly character to match, too. It also helps that they are rather easy to care for as they are short-haired but they still love to be combed. I guess all cats no matter long or short-haired love a good brushing, just like my Piper, Prue and Phoebe!

Another reason why my friend prefers the Siamese breed and wants to buy them as kittens is because this breed tends to have a longer life expectancy of around 15 to 20 years or even more for some very well cared for felines. He will surely enjoy having them as family for many years to come starting from their kittenhood.

I immediately contacted him and referred him to the site I found and he's been on it for a while now, absorbing all the information he can find and even shortlisting some breeders he sound from the site. Talk about being efficient!

Anyway, enough about the cats for now. I hope the girls get enough rest and that the medication will work on them to get well soon. Now on to updates on the dog...

The dog

It's quite sad that we've never heard from Pretty's family anymore. The last we heard from the girl who adopted her from us was that Pretty was given to her aunt because her father could not cope with looking after Pretty. During Chinese New Year when we were back in the hometown, we didn't have the time to visit Pretty. I think the next time we are back, we have to make it a point to contact the new family and to see how Pretty is doing. We need to know that she's health and happy.


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