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Monday, February 11, 2008

Privacy, please!

I am one of those who hate receiving direct mailers in my postbox, junk mails in my inbox and what's worst of all are the free credit cards which I really don't need. I don't know who the culprits are who sell or give away my contacts to such companies. But how do I prevent myself from getting more of these annoying mails?

Someone introduced me to Life Lock, a service that can help to protect from receiving such things. It's actually more than what I have asked for because it protects me against having my identity stolen for some fraudulent applications. Impressive, isn't it?

LifeLock definitely seems like a good idea in this day and age where hacking on websites are getting more prevalent. Whenever I log into my internet banking accounts, I am always worried of some hidden hacks that are able to deciphere my usernames and passwords.

There are no protections given by any insurers or banks for that matter on any mishaps in the internet world. Maybe is my only answer to the crimes of the cyber world. Perhaps it is yours, too?