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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Be a smarter online bettor

I'm one who's not gamed to bet. I'm lousy at it, probably because I don't think to think too much. I hate losing money too so it's rather stressful for me even if I lose just one bet. That's why I've never been to a casino.

A friend of mine is hooked on gambling. She used to visit her regular casino almost every weekend. But since the price of fuel has gone up, she has decided to cut down her trips because it's rather far.
Since then she has started gambling online. She finds this even better since she can bet anytime of the day, everyday! I cautioned her about placing her bets online but she assured me that she's done enough research about the sites she plays at.

She uses the service of a website called that reviews and ranks different online casinos available. She finds the information provided to be useful as it saves her time to gauge whether a particular online casino is suitable.

This site reviews a total of 75 online casinos at the moment. Besides ranking them, the site also shows the ratings of the casinos by players themselves. All these independent reviews and ratings are more definitely very beneficial to new players. At least now I don't have to worry about my friend playing on non-suitable sites.