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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cool baby gift

Having a new baby in tow, my shopping radar have now expanded to include the baby department. I'm always looking for a reason to buy stuff for the baby, but then again why should I need a reason? My baby deserves all the gifts in the world!

While looking for unique baby stuff, I saw this site that offers Personalized Baby Gifts and was immediately hooked! I get to create a gift specially just for my little one, and no one else will have the same! What caught my eye was this special photo blanket.

Now all those beautiful pictures we took of baby will have some use other than being placed in frames. It gives me even more reasons to snap even more pictures now!

Even though baby is too small now to appreciate the gift, I'm sure he'll grow up to like it as much as I do. We'll just have to make sure to was it gently so that it remains in good conditions in the years to come.