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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Do they get stretch marks too?

Some years ago, Prue was pregnant. At that time I didn't think much of the implications of pregnancy until I got pregnant myself just last year. The one thing that I don't appreciate being stuck with after the pregnancy is the stretch mark.

In the initial stage, I didn't have any but when the seventh month kicked in, they started becoming visible. I tried all sorts of ways to prevent stretch marks and I thought I was succeeding. It's really unfortunate that it didn't work.

After I delivered, I found this site that reviews different types of stretch mark creams. Most of the time when you buy a stretch mark cream you expect it to work like magic because of the promises made of the product. But a lot of those promises are really just marketing.

If you want to know what really works and what not, you should visit this site. It has some stories and explanations on why stretch marks appear and it also gives you an idea of what works and what not. Just spend a couple of minutes reading it and it could save you the hassle of trying and even some money.

One of the proven and recommended cream is the revitol stretch mark cream. I'm not sure if I can find this in my country but if I can't, I'd probably have it shipped over because it'll be worth it!

When I finally get hold of this cream, perhaps I should check if I should share it with Prue. But do cats get stretch marks too?