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Thursday, January 31, 2008

My shopping site needs a name

Some time back I was talking about coming up with an online pet store. I'm now in the midst of thinking of a suitable name for it. I want the name of my store to bear the same web address so I guess I should start with checking whether the names I come up with are still available on the world wide web.

I've already found a site to do my domain registration so all I need to do is narrow down my list of names and hope that my favourite name is free and available. This site that I'm planning to buy the domain from is rather inexpensive. There are so many of such services out there but this particular one has convinced me to buy from them.

It has a host of other services available too. Most likely I will take up a package and just pick up whatever else that will be necessary for my little pet store. This is going to be a fun business!