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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting lucky in the new year?

When the Chinese New Year dawns upon us in just a matter of a week from now, we will enter the Year of The Rat. I looked at my Chinese Zodiac sign's prediction for the new year and it seems to say only good things. Apparently, luck is on my side too!

Maybe I should try my hands at playing a game or two at a casino on days which are said to be my "lucky days". But I'm not one to play blindlyly as I am very careful with my money.

So before i put any bets on the table, I'll do a little study of the many casinos out there. I found a blog that writes about the different casinos, their style of games and what my best odds are playing on whichever site I choose.

It's got some useful articles and for a newbie like me, it'll definitely help to find the most suitable online casino and games. Now here's what I call smart betting!