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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How sick can one's mind get?

I got a forwarded mail from a colleague yesterday. The subject title didn’t indicate much of anything. So, unsuspectingly, I opened the first attachment. It was a photo of a woman holding a kitten. The following attachments shocked and horrified me. They were the pictures of the infamous kitten killer of Hangzhou who crushed a kitten to death using her stiletto heels.

The pictures were the most disturbing ones I’ve seen. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day. When I got home to my three princesses, I went to hug them and watched them play for most of the night.

Till now, the gruesome pictures still play in my mind. I really hope the authority finds this woman and she gets punished for her cruel and inhumane act. A word of caution to others, if you receive the same email with these pictures, it’s not worth seeing.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cat-aroma massage

Care for a little rubbidy-rub-rub?

If you are viewing this in a feed reader then click here for a link to see the Cat-aroma massage.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Continuing from Purr Machine's tag, this is Prue, Piper and Phoebe's list of 5s:

5 Things You Can’t Do
We can't scratch the sofa (or get punished)
We can't roam outside the house
We can't go into her room (because we hide under the bed and not come out)
We can't catch the bird that sometimes come around our home
We can't have babies

5 Things You Can Do
We can climb sky high
We can sleep whenever we want
We can talk to our neighbour cat whenever he comes around
We can ignore her but she still comes to play with us
We can purr like motor-boats

5 Things That Scare You
We are afraid of rain
We are afraid when the gardener comes to trim grass
We are afraid when she yells at us for doing something wrong
We are afraid of people we've not seen before
We're afraid when the vet takes our temperature

5 Things You Love
We love fresh chicken meat
We love to be scratched
We love the chocolate-like snacks
We love to snuggle up to sleep
We love catching insects

5 Things You Hate
We hate taking jabs
We hate showers
We hate it when it rains
We hate going for boarding
We hate it when she ignores our meows

5 Random Facts About You
We aren't that crazy about catnip
Out vet says we're overweight
We take turns to meow our heads off to get attention
We like to knead her when she's scratching us
We're beautiful!

5 Things You Want To Do Before You Die
We want to eat more chicken
We want more of her attention
We want to see our birth mom again
We want to be licked/groomed by each other more
We want to catch that bird...

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