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Thursday, February 28, 2008

You don't need to go hungry...

Some of my friends tend to overspend. Either they are unable to control their shopping habits or they are terribly over committed. Some of them pay for way too many things on a monthly basis. The most painful bills come from paying for a nice, big home which means a huge mortgage, plus owning one too many cars.

I have seen some of them come close to a point of going hungry at times. It's sad and really not funny at all. Then one of them discovered a way to get by. She found a quick payday loan to help bridge her finances from one payday to another. She is one person who doesn't like long term debts so this little cash advance works for her because it is just a short term loan.

When she told me about this, I shared the information with some other friends who are in the same situation. They too paid a visit to check out these payday loans and afterwards thanked me profusely for introducing them to it. Hey, they even bought me a simple meal with some of their advance. Maybe I should thank the one who told me about it too!