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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Long or short haired cats?

When choosing a cat or kitten, there are lots of thoughts that need to go into deciding the cat breed that would suit your requirement and lifestyle. Some people don't mind long haired cats whilst some prefer to have short haired ones for ease of grooming.

I personally like long haired cats. Some of the breeds that I love are the Persian, Norwegian Hunting Cats and Ragdoll. Each has its own characteristics but all are just as adorable and loving as a family member. Though the amount of time spent on cat care is incredibly long for such cats because of the hair drops, I don't mind it because I enjoy stroking the long furry felines.

For those who prefer short haired cats, one good breed is the Abyssinian Cats. It's a beautiful cat with a rich, silky coat that requires only an occassional brushing and bath. If I ever go for a short haired cat, I would choose this breed amongst the many short haired available.

Actually, having a short haired cat is not all bad. Apart from making grooming easier, it also helps to reduce issues like potential allergies to cat hair and the risk of developing asthma. I think with short haired cats such as the Abyssinian cat, hair droppings are minimal compared to long haired cats and thus it reduces the risk of potential allergies and health conditions.

With kids in tow within the family, maybe it's time I think about such health factors and go for short haired ones when the time comes for us to have any more cats.


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