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Monday, June 26, 2006

No cute pictures, just cat-love story

After a friend's advise to spend more time to enjoy and appreciate the moments with my babies, I did just that. And it's not only cute, adorable moments I see in them, it's thereupatic for me. I could spend God-knows-how-long sitting there watching them.

One day I sat there looking at them finish their meal. After they were done, they sat side by side in a row and started cleaning themselves. It seems they have a routine. First, wash face. Then clean paws. Lastly, clean body.

Prue was done cleaning first. She was sitting between Piper and Phoebe and she chose to "mother" Piper by helping her groom her harder to reach areas. It was so sweet. She loves playing the mother role. She not only grooms Phoebe and Piper, she grooms me too when I stick my hand out towards her. Of course that only happens when she feels like it.

Then last night Piper slept leaning on my thigh while I sat on the futon. She kneaded my leg as she purred and after some time, I noticed the purring stopped.When I looked closely at her, she was fast asleep. Then, it happened. I heard her snore! Do cats really snore??

She was dreaming too. Her paw twitched and her mouth began moving as if she was chewing. Maybe she was dreaming of eating her favourite meal?!

Phoebe, on the other hand, was a little more friendly towards me in the last few days. She didn't protest as much and she let me stroked her a little longer than usual. That made me happy enough.

It's a lovely feeling to love them and to have them love me back...